Guest Column | October 24, 2013

3 New Applications For Mobility In Schools

By Derek Gerber, Senior Account Executive, Tallega Software

Every year, higher education and other schools deal with ongoing problems between the IT team, the admissions office, and the human resources department.  IT teams constantly are asked to provide advanced document management solutions and to ease the paper burdens of the admissions office and human resources department, all while under a severely restricted budget. 

A few years ago, mobile data capture technology was immature, unproven, and unreliable.  However, times have changed, and VARs and MSPs have the opportunity to show schools how to start taking advantage of the automation, timesaving, and money-saving benefits of integrating mobility into their existing backend systems.

Here are 3 new document management applications for mobility in schools:

  1. Mobile Student Enrollment Application Process
    The current processes for college enrollment are extremely limited to paper and clunky, online admission forms for students. High school students who attend college booths on campus will only keep the school’s name in mind.  Hopefully, they will not go home and throw that brochure away, once they forget about the conversation. What if your customer could start an enrollment application— right from the school’s booth — on any mobile smartphone or tablet?  With mobility technology, you can help your customer facilitate a way to start the student application process immediately. Once they start the mobile application process from their device, the new student applicant will be notified immediately of the documents they need to provide via email.  They can also be provided an online portal to share those documents and everyone stays updated during the entire application process.
  2. Mobile Academic Hiring
    Similar to enrolling a new student, new academic hiring can be quite stressful when done by conventional, paper-based means.  Besides the extensive lists of qualified credentials and background information your customer needs to gather on these new hires, they also need to provide a lot of other documentation and signatures on agreement terms. What if you could help your customer start this entire process from the first interview?  As the school contacts potential new-hires, the administration could immediately begin screening processes or human resources could begin the on-boarding process, right from a smartphone or tablet device. The school will get alerts for missing documents, always know the next steps of the hiring workflow process, send automatically generated acceptation/rejection eForm letters, and have all agreements signed electronically.
  3. Mobile Document and Data Capture
    When you’re a school dealing with thousands of invoices, applications, forms, and many other paper documents, stuff just gets lost. When a school’s documents end up in the wrong place, get lost in translation, or simply are misfiled, it can create a lot of damage.   That is reality when there is no way to capture this information at the point of the document’s creation. You can help your customer avoid this with mobile document and data capture with smartphones and tablets. When your customer gets a document that needs to be captured, mobile data capture will immediately submit these files for automated OCR scanning and workflow processing through a document management system.  All the user has to do is snap a picture of the document with the device camera, use the built-in document clarity tools, and hit “send,” so that the new file can be added to the appropriate processing queue.  All of your education customers’ documents can be automatically captured from anywhere, at any time.  This will lead to faster workflow processing and dramatically reduce lost document count, while empowering employees to do more with their existing technology.

There are many different mobility applications that schools and higher education institutions can take advantage of and integrate with their existing solutions. Some providers offer mobile data capture for free with their software, while others only charge a small fee to get started. Mobile data capture is ready to shine and schools have serious potential to improve their document management and workflow automation processes.

Derek Gerber has been in the Document Management industry for six years.  His mentors, David Gerber (CEO) and Peter Klentos (CTO), have a combined 50 years of experience and started Tallega Software back in 2006.  Tallega quickly became one of California’s Orange County Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, three years in a row.  They represent multiple OCR Scanning and Document Management solutions, in order to cover their customer’s many different business needs.  Tallega is focused on helping their customers find the “right” solution.