News | April 10, 2013

Samsung Debuts High Capacity Scalable 64 Channel NVR At ISC West


Provides up to 48TB of Memory with H.246/MPEG-4/MJPEG Support

Samsung is featuring the latest addition to its line of NVR  solutions at this year’s ISC West. The new ONVIF compliant SRN-1000 provides up to 24TB of on-board video storage capacity with the capability to add an additional 24TB of storage via two external eSATA storage devices. An unlimited number of SRN-1000s can work together to provide a seamless server style recording solution centrally controlled via Samsung software. With support for a wide range of resolutions ranging from VGA to 5 megapixel, the SRN-1000 is the ideal recording solution for new and expanding IP video surveillance systems.

“The new Samsung SRN-1000 NVR provides a powerful and versatile network recording solution that can grow as a user’s needs grow in terms of both its recording capacity  and functionality,” said Frank De Fina, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing,  Samsung Techwin America. “By addressing both current and future recording needs,  the Samsung SRN 1000 is an ‘ROI multiplier’ as it will continue to deliver added value  into the future with each stage of storage capacity expansion.

The Linux based SRN-1000 NVR can record up to 64 cameras at a record rate of 100Mbps. It supports H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression and is fully compatible with Samsung Centralized Management Software which enables users from anywhere in the world to access live or recorded video via a PC or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

A variety of design features such as alarm inputs, programmable recording with event triggers, event actions (i.e. email alerts, PTZ presets) and four channel simultaneous playback provide an elegant yet uncomplicated recording solution. The Samsung SRN-1000 can also segregate camera video traffic from playback and display traffic without the need for complicated and expensive network hardware or customized integration.  In addition to simplifying installation, this feature reduces bandwidth utilization issues to for smoother network integration.

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SOURCE: Samsung Techwin America