White Paper | January 17, 2012

SMBs Need More Than Just Backup

Source: Axcient

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) need to keep their businesses up and running just as much as larger companies. Yet, they are challenged by several limitations when seeking out a solution that meets their mission-critical data recovery, application uptime, and data retention needs. These include:

  • Limited funds
  • Limited IT resources
  • Limited/inadequate solution options designed for SMBs

With these challenges in mind, this paper identifies and explores the following:

Top 5 Evaluation Criteria for SMB Data Protection And Business Continuity Solutions

  1. Recoverability: How quickly and completely does the solution deliver data recovery and server recovery? Does it meet both recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives?
  2. Comprehensiveness: Does the solution offer a complete, integrated range of data protection, business continuity (data, application or server continuity), disaster recovery, and archiving services?
  3. Ease of Use: Does the solution provide non-disruptive deployment, management (set it and forget it), and ongoing operation (simple recovery and failover/failback)?
  4. SMB-specific Focus: Is the solution truly designed for SMBs? Or is it an unwieldy and expensive retrofit of a solution meant for large enterprises or an under-featured consumer solution being sold to SMBs? Does the solution offer business-class functionality in a form factor that meets the simplicity and ease of use requirements of SMBs? Does the vendor have a user base of small and medium businesses?
  5. Affordability: Is the solution cost-effective to implement from day one and over the long term? Does it offer a pay-as-you-grow approach?

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