News | September 10, 2012

Sony Introduces IPELA ENGINE EX Series IP Cameras


First Cameras Based on New Technology Platform Designed to Raise Performance Standards

PHILADELPHIA (ASIS 2011 Booth #2000) – Sony Electronics today unveiled its EX series IP cameras, the first based on the IPELA ENGINE platform and part of Sony’s V Series. Designed to deliver advances in dynamic range, frame capture speed and low‐light performance for demanding imaging applications in the mid‐to‐high level of the video surveillance marketplace, the six new IPELA ENGINE EX cameras represent a new breed of IP cameras. In addition to setting new levels of camera performance, the unique IPELA ENGINE EX architecture allows for unprecedented flexibility.

“The arrival of the IPELA ENGINE EX series IP cameras marks a significant milestone in Sony’s technological advancing of IP‐based security video,” said Mark Collett, General Manager, Sony Security Systems Division. “This can provide a cost‐effective platform for developing new applications and also for refining and customizing existing ones.”

Collett added that products built on the IPELA ENGINE platform are a key element of the Sony Security Systems Division’s focus on solutions. Having a common development platform for full dome, PTZ, and bullet cameras allows for remarkable levels of efficiency and economy when customizing cameras and enables companies to realize new solutions for emerging areas like business intelligence.

Six Cameras, a Multitude of Improvements and Innovations

At introduction, the IPELA ENGINE EX series includes six cameras: the fixed‐angle, SNC‐VB600 and SNC‐VB630 Box cameras; the SNC‐VM600 and SNC‐VM630 Mini Dome cameras, and the SNC‐VM601 and SNC‐VM631 Vandal‐Proof Indoor Mini Domes. These incorporate improvements in core camera functionality designed to provide extraordinary imaging even in the most challenging security scenarios. With the newly improved View‐DR dynamic range enhancing technology, each IPELA ENGINE EX series model provides astounding detail even when imaging brightly backlit figures. Noise reduction is significantly enhanced and low light sensitivity is tremendously improved to more than twice that of Sony’s previous pace‐setting cameras. Maximum frame rates are doubled from 30 fps to 60 fps at both HD and full HD resolution.

In addition to these new high performance models, Sony is announcing three affordable IP cameras. The SNC‐VB600B box camera, SNC‐VM600B Mini Dome and SNC‐VM601B Vandal‐Proof Indoor Mini Dome are HD‐resolution IP cameras designed to meet the demand for advanced capabilities at reduced prices.

“The new IPELA ENGINE cameras are impressive, but they are just the building blocks for what this technology platform can bring forward,” said Collett. “We will see its full potential realized as other solution providers we work with use this platform to innovate and create products and services that will increase value for customers.”

IPELA ENGINE EX series IP cameras are planned to be available starting in late 2012

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SOURCE: Sony Electronics