Guest Column | June 26, 2014

The Biggest Threat To Your Business May Be Your Managed Services Technology

Justin Crotty

By Justin Crotty, Senior Vice President and General Manager, NetEnrich, Inc.

No doubt about it, IT is evolving. Virtualization, cloud, mobility, and a whole host of trends ranging from BYOD to BYOC to BYOA, and now even DYOA, or develop your own app, are shaping the modern enterprise, and driving IT organizations to identify new and innovative ways to manage their increasingly complex IT operations.

SMBs, and a now a growing number of mid-market enterprises, are turning to the IT channel for much-needed assistance in this endeavor. Yet, in many cases, the needs and requirements of these IT enterprises have evolved beyond what MSPs and solution providers are capable of delivering, using a standard remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool. What is required is a comprehensive IT operations platform and a flexible mix of services that address the various requirements of a diverse client base.

Fact is, up until recently, MSPs and solution providers were able to put together an IT operations management solution based on tools from a variety of vendors, to meet the unique business requirements of their end-clients. Yes, it was a bit fragmented, but it worked ... then. Now, this multi-vendor approach to IT operations management won’t cut it. Businesses want more visibility, flexibility, performance, scale, and security within their network. They want it all and they want it now.

So, what must MSPs or solutions providers do to keep pace with these evolving requirements? And, how can they best meet the growing demand for more modern IT operations management? The answer is to offer an end-to-end IT operations management service that checks all the boxes and accounts for business growth.

MSPs and solution providers who ditch the DIY approach in favor of establishing partnerships with key service providers who can help them formalize their IT operations management will experience a number of key benefits. These include the migration from traditional RMM to a more robust, comprehensive IT operations platform that allows cohesive visibility across their clients’ entire infrastructure — from networking to storage to databases, as well as the ability to successfully capitalize on the burgeoning market opportunities associated with the growing complexity of enterprise IT.

The future of IT services is proactive and highly automated end-to-end IT operations management. What got you to where you are today won’t be the same technology you use tomorrow. Businesses are, and will continue to demand more, and in order to stay relevant. IT service providers must evolve and deliver a solution that can truly provide end-to-end IT operations management. 

Justin Crotty serves as senior vice president and general manager for NetEnrich Inc. He’s responsible for driving growth and scale for NetEnrich and its partners and customers. Prior to joining NetEnrich, Crotty conceived and launched the services division at Ingram Micro, where his team built and grew the first and most innovative managed and cloud services business in IT distribution. Widely recognized as an IT channel champion, Crotty has held management positions in IT sales and marketing, and began his career as an IT network engineer with IBM.