Magazine Article | March 20, 2014

The Merchant Warehouse Partner Program

By Russell Harty, Senior VP, Partner Channel Sales and Key Accounts, Merchant Warehouse

Unique, innovative, and profitable

What advice would you give to your partners to help them decide which payment company they should partner with?
Today, more so then ever, value-added resellers and independent software vendors need to align themselves with a trusted payments partner. Much has been made about emerging payments taking over the industry with mobile, contactless, and chip-and-pin all figuring to be part of the payments equation. Customers will be using m-Commerce solutions, merchants will need to accept these payments, and VARs will have to provide merchants with competitive solutions. This shift in customer engagement has also led to a myriad of mobile wallets, gift, loyalty, and couponing applications causing even more confusion.

In today’s competitive environment your payments partner must deliver more value than being a conduit to move money for your clients. If that is your provider’s primary value proposition it is time to find a true partner.

What is unique about your channel program?
Merchant Warehouse has been focused on providing our partners with flexible and scalable payment solutions allowing VARs and ISVs to focus on growing their businesses. In addition to competitive residual revenue and in-house customer service, Merchant Warehouse provides our partners with an innovative and secure payment solution that no other payments company can — the Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™.

Genius is the only solution that has the power to aggregate and integrate every conceivable transaction technology, payment type, and customer program — both present and future — into a single Customer Engagement Device.Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

With Genius, our partners can provide flexibility to their merchants to control which payment applications, mobile wallets, and offers are right for their businesses. Furthermore, through a simple one-time integration, ISVs and VARs can reduce security risks by using a platform that abstracts all sensitive data from the POS, removing it from PA-DSS scope.

By providing the opportunity to take advantage of the increasing uncertainty with payment solutions and helping turn these conditions into a competitive advantage, Merchant Warehouse is building mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Simply, Merchant Warehouse allows its partners to devote their resources to their core business — delivering world-class point of sale solutions.

What tools do you have to help partners succeed?
Aside from numerous, customizable one-to-one marketing programs, Merchant Warehouse provides our partners with opportunities to supplement their distribution and increase revenue.

Merchant Warehouse’s POS Marketplace is a unique program that provides our partners with access to an experienced sales network of Agents and ISOs who are looking to provide their customers with innovative payment solutions and POS technology. This is an excellent opportunity for our partners to expand their reach within the marketplace.

What types of service/support do you offer your partners?
We are committed to developing a mutually beneficial relationship that is focused on meeting the unique needs of ISVs and VARs and their merchants. We deliver the right combination of payment technologies, resources, and programs that our partners’ merchants need in order for them to benefit from comprehensive payment processing, which helps them improve and grow their businesses.

The Merchant Warehouse Partner Program is designed with our partners in mind. Whether you are an ISV or reseller, our partner program provides you with free, innovative, and PCI-DSS certified payment solutions; a comprehensive online partner portal; dedicated account service; and industry-leading residual revenue opportunities.

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