Guest Column | April 3, 2013

Use BDR To Evolve From IT Provider To Trusted Advisor

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By Mark Swendsen, VP Sales for Axcient

One common misconception of IT providers is that backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is an ancillary part of their job. It’s actually the most important. The right BDR solution not only prevents IT downtime and data loss, but can also help IT providers build strong customer relationships that will pave the way to massive profit growth.  Here’s how IT providers can offer deeper value and become trusted advisors.

#1: Think of the Hierarchy of Needs

A business owner has a hierarchy of needs when it comes to IT services. Staying up and running will always be at the top. The most successful IT providers meet this need with BDR and business continuity, guaranteeing the availability and protection of customer data and applications.

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