White Paper | June 30, 2012

The Role Of Collaboration Tools For SharePoint

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Improving productivity is, on its own, one of the top business objectives shared by companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies. Its direct correlation to a company’s ability to increase profitability has a compounding effect on its importance. One of the most cost-effective ways to drive productivity improvement initiatives is to increase collaboration across the enterprise, both internally among employees as well as between employees, partners, and customers, through the use of a standardized set of tools.

Silos of knowledge and expertise are inherent in every growing and diversified business, and quickly becomes a drag on efficiency and expense. These can be overcome with the introduction of information management tools equipped with built-in or add-on collaboration capabilities. SharePoint is dominating the capture of market share in the information management space, and collaboration-enabling add-ons are sure to follow. This whitepaper investigates some of the critical elements and benefits of instituting effective SharePoint collaboration.

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