Guest Column | January 3, 2014

Why IT Integrators Should Be Selling IP Video Today

By Steve Gorski, General Manager Americas, MOBOTIX

IT resellers seeking to expand their businesses and differentiate themselves in the market need look no further than the growing IP video segment. There is huge potential for resellers to increase their revenues, both by more sales to existing customers and sales to new customers eager to embrace the benefits of IP video systems. Here are several factors that make the IP video segment particularly attractive to IT integrators and resellers.

Incremental business opportunities. Many existing customers are already looking to update their video surveillance systems to newer technologies. Historically, these systems have been supplied by analog-centric security integrators. Unless you speak up, your customers will likely go back to the same integrators when it is time to update. But as the technology changes, are the existing dealer channels still the best choice? As an existing customer's trusted IT reseller, you are in a strong position to make a bid for that IP video business, too. Existing relationships mean a lot in any market. IT buying influences have a seat at the table when any decision involving the network is being made, and they can speak up on your behalf — but only if they are familiar with your video product offerings and your desire to serve that market. They already depend on you for a range of critical goods and services. It should be an easy decision to add IP video to the mix. 

Existing knowledge of the network. Successfully installing IP video depends on knowledge of the network and network devices. That's where IT resellers and integrators have an advantage over historical or incumbent suppliers of video systems, which are likely analog. IP cameras are network appliances, and IT integrators' network competence positions them as the most logical installer of such systems. Security dealers and integrators are learning more about networks every day, but some may still lack core competencies that are second nature to an IT integrator. IT integrators have been working with network systems for years. It's a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Leveraging faster growth potential. IP video systems are still a newer technology, and the video market's transition from analog to the network is still gaining momentum. There are plenty of analog systems, still functioning, that are nearing the end of their useful lives, and those customers will be looking to transition to IP. Unlike some of the markets served by IT resellers, which may be more mature and even commoditized, the IP video market is still vibrant, growing and full of opportunity. With some segments growing at 20 percent or more a year, the security market offers a level of potential growth for IT integrators they won't find in other sectors.

IT resellers are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the rapid growth in IP video. They have the knowledge to serve the market, and existing customers offer solid potential for incremental business.