Creditcall makes card acceptance simple from any device, anywhere. Whether attended, unattended, online or mobile payments, our award-winning EMV-ready payment gateway and EMV Migration solutions are at the very heart of our clients’ businesses, ensuring payments flow – all day, every day.

Founded in 1996 and with over 14 years of EMV experience, Creditcall has a proven track record in providing payment gateway services and offers EMV Migration solutions that are tried and tested.

  • Our EMV Migration solution, ChipDNA, is a rapid EMV Migration SDK for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. It greatly helps ISVs transition from older magnetic stripe technology to EMV and Chip technology. ChipDNA is the easiest and most cost effective way of adding EMV payment functionality into an attended or unattended Point of Sale (POS) application.
  • We were the first EMV-ready Payment Gateway in the U.S., and completed our EMV certification in April 2014.
  • Our Chip-based EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2 Kernel software is used globally in contact and contactless environments such as ATMs, mPOS, card readers, PINpads and other POS devices.
  • We are the first EMV-compliant mPOS solution to allow businesses accept Chip and PIN cards ‘on the go’ via smartphones and tablets.

Millions of users and billions of transactions depend on Creditcall EMV technology each and every day. Creditcall works collaboratively with companies across Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Asia-Pacific to deliver business-critical payment solutions. Clients include ATOS, DHL, Elavon, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Toyota, Wayne (a GE Company) and Westfield.

To learn more, visit us at http://www.creditcall.com/ChipDNA

Creditcall – The Heart of Payments.


  • Creditcall ChipDNA - The Simplest Way From A To EMV!
    Creditcall ChipDNA - The Simplest Way From A To EMV!

    The ChipDNA API is the simplest and most cost effective way of adding EMV transaction processing to Windows or Linux based attended or unattended Point of Sale (POS) applications.

  • Creditcall - The Heart Of Payments
    Creditcall - The Heart Of Payments

    We make card acceptance simple from any device, anywhere. Whether attended, unattended, online or mobile, our award-winning EMV-ready payment gateway and EMV Migration solutions are at the very heart of our clients' businesses, ensuring payments flow - every second of every day.

  • CardEase Mobile mPOS
    CardEase Mobile mPOS

    Learn how you can take payments in the store or on the go with CardEase Mobile mPOS.

  • Swipes Are Out: EMV Migration
    Swipes Are Out: EMV Migration

    Those old magnetic stripe cards are on their way out. As they're replaced by new model, chip cards, should our old cards be banished to a landfill? Or will they take on new careers of their own?


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  • ChipDNA - EMV Migration
    ChipDNA - EMV Migration

    ChipDNA makes EMV Migration simple saving you time and money by removing technical challenges, complexity and risk, while reducing the burden of PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliance.


  • Why Now Is The Right Time To Sell EMV

    With an October 2015 deadline fast approaching, VARs and ISVs should be pushing EMV to merchants with urgency.

  • Creditcall CEO: IT Solutions Providers Need To Be Trusted Counselors In EMV Migration Process

    Lars Pedersen, Creditcall’s new CEO, answers Business Solutions’ questions on progress in the U.S. toward EMV adoption, challenges IT solutions providers are facing, and resources available to solutions providers.  

  • Creditcall Helps New Smart Terminal Manufacturer Get To The Poynt Of EMV Migration

    Creditcall, the EMV-ready payment gateway provider and EMV Migration specialist, has been selected by new software and payment terminal manufacturer Poynt to ensure EMV compliance for its new Smart Terminal device.

  • Creditcall Launches ChipDNA Lite To Expedite EMV Migration

    Creditcall, the EMV-ready payment gateway provider and EMV Migration specialist, recently announced the launch of ChipDNA Lite. 

  • KioWare Selects Creditcall As EMV Migration Partner

    Creditcall, the EMV-ready payment gateway provider and EMV migration specialist, recently announced its selection by kiosk lockdown software provider KioWare for its transition to EMV by integrating Creditcall’s EMV Migration solutionChipDNA. ChipDNA is a plug and play SDK that provides the simplest and fastest way to EMV, arming KioWare’s customers with EMV readiness ahead of the October 2015 U.S. Liability Shift.

  • EMV Migration Solution Helps Kiosk Software Provider Achieve EMV Compliance

    Consumers have come to expect the freedom to conduct a payment transaction at their own convenience and on their own terms – whether on a tablet, mobile phone, at work in front of their PC, or at a kiosk. While the origins of kiosks pre-date any connected device – more sophisticated kiosks are a growing trend and business – particularly in-store.

  • Creditcall Appoints Lars Dige Pedersen CEO As U.S. Prepares For Next Phase Of EMV Migration

    Veteran technology leader joins company to accelerate its ability to meet growing demand for EMV Migration Solutions in North America

  • Creditcall CTO: Migrate Systems To EMV Now

    Jeremy Gumbley, CTO of Creditcall, tells how the U.S. compares to other countries’ progress in their EMV migration at a year before the deadline, as well as what IT solutions providers should be doing for their customers now.

  • Creditcall Publishes Comprehensive EMV White Paper For ISVs, Integrators And VARs In Preparation Of U.S. Migration

    With deadlines looming and liability policies shifting, the U.S. is facing major changes to the payments landscape over the next few years. Supporting the migration to EMV, EMV-ready payment gateway provider Creditcall has published a complete guide for ISVs, Integrators and VARs to navigate through the challenges, risks and benefits of EMV Migration and provides potential solutions.

  • The Ultimate EMV Cheat Sheet: Everything ISVs, Integrators And VARs Need to Know About EMV Migration

    Around the globe, countries have adopted EMV technology to combat against fraud. A report from Europol says 80 percent of fraud outside the European Union, using EU payment cards, occurs in the U.S.

  • Securing Stored Cardholder Data — Another Layer To The EMV Puzzle

    While recent data breaches in the U.S. have put the spotlight on EMV transactions and the how the U.S. is behind the rest of the world in payments security, there is a “second tier” of security that can be taken on top of implementing EMV. EMV is a viable and necessary weapon in the battle to protect consumers’ data — but there are other layers of security that can further protect consumers’ card information that should serve to mitigate the fallout from future breaches.

  • The Fight Against Fraud: Why The U.S. Needs To Step Up Its Payments Game

    While credit card fraud is in no way a laughing matter, the latest figures around the amount of customer data comprised and dollars stolen are quite astonishing.  Nearly 70 million customers’ credit card data was reported stolen from the Target breach alone and an annual figure of $11 billion lost was recently reported by Javelin Strategy & Research. 

  • 10 Questions To Ask Your EMV Kernel Provider

    One of the most common decisions faced by payment terminal or ATM manufacturers is whether to develop in house or buy in the technology of this critical component.

  • How An EMV-Ready Payment Gateway Can Support Migration To Chip

    The payments industry has evolved considerably in recent years. A combination of consumer demand and technological innovation continues to impact how transactions are initiated and processed. Merchants have had to deal with the constantly changing face of point-of-sale, while banks have had to invest in the infrastructure and processes to support the increasing volume of electronic payment transactions. With contactless and mobile offering the next wave of opportunity, attention is also focused on keeping pace with innovation and achieving competitive advantage.

  • EMV Migration For The US Parking Industry

    EMV has revolutionized payments and is already in place in many regions across the globe. So far, the US has delayed its adoption of the new standards, which replace magnetic stripe payments with Chip-based transactions. However, this is all about to change.