Worldpay US, a division of The Worldpay Group, provides and develops industry-leading payments processing products and services to ISV/VARs and merchants large and small. Verticals include retail, grocery, petroleum, restaurant, and many others. Innovation and investment allow Worldpay to continue to offer a secure and reliable payments platform.

Worldpay’s ability to utilize traditional point-of-sale technologies on mobile devices allows customers to accept payments anytime, anywhere. EMV-ready terminals also help to prepare merchants for the upcoming liability shift along with offering customers an added level of security and trust. ISV/VARs will be able to take advantage of this upcoming shift by offering expertise and payments processing solutions. Worldpay allows merchants to process all forms of electronic payments including credit, debit, EBT, gift and loyalty programs, among others.

Worldpay promotes advanced security features such as tokenization, end-to-end encryption and PCI compliance as well as comprehensive FRISK (fraud and risk management) tools. By partnering with developers, and their VARs, we continue to offer an elaborate suite of security features and tools that merchants and their consumers benefit from.

Worldpay provides insightful expertise with decades of experience working in the aforementioned verticals.

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