Featured Articles

  1. NRF Survey: Organized Retail Crime Rates Remain High Industry-Wide

    According to the National Retail Federation’s 11th Annual Organized Retail Crime Survey, 97 percent of retailers surveyed report that they have been a victim of ORC in the past year, an increase from 88.2 percent last year.

  2. AGMA Says Tech Companies Need To Protect Digital IP

    Digital intellectual property (IP) surrounds us every day, in music, movies, mobile phones and more. It the most rapidly growing segment of the economy and the question of how to protect it is garnering a great deal of attention. According to the FBI, IP theft costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars a year, and also results in lost jobs and tax revenues.

  3. Barcoding Executive Forum 5 Will Feature Keynote Gerry Sandusky

    The Barcoding Executive Forum 5: Be Efficient -Accurate-Connected scheduled for Oct. 8, 2015, is a full day of presentations and activities designed to provide proven strategies through thought leadership, networking and discussion. The forum offers a way to connect with industry leaders in supply chain management.

  4. AVG Lists 6 Must-Haves For An Outsourced NOC + Help Desk

    An optimally functioning NOC (network operations center) and help desk  can help managed services providers (MSPs) meet service level agreements (SLAs) and take on larger contracts without adding technicians.

  5. CompTIA Research Finds New Challenges For IT Professionals In The Digital Age

    Job requirements and responsibilities for IT professionals are becoming more complicated as organizations become more digital, according to new research from CompTIA.

  6. Zebra APPFORUM 2015: The IoT Explosion And What Solutions Providers Need To Know To Capitalize On It

    A focus of Zebra Technology’s APPFORUM in Las Vegas was Enterprise Asset Intelligence/the Internet of Things (IoT).  Speakers shared factors contributing to the IoT explosion and the potential it has to impact user experience as well as your business.

  7. Why POS Resellers Need To Provide Business Continuity For Their Clients

    After a disaster, it’s important to help your merchant clients stay connected to the outside world. Business continuity is crucial in the wake of disasters, when communication is essential.

  8. Sophos Releases Technical Paper On Microsoft Word Intruder

    Sophos has released research that provides an in-depth examination of the most influential Office malware creation kits — Microsoft Word Intruder (MWI).

  9. Infographic: How Business Will Use The IoT In The Future — And How It’s Using IoT Now

    An infographic, “Internet of Things – How will it shape the future of business?” published by Exigent Networks, examined how the Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting enterprises and how it will continue to make an impact in the future.

  10. Solutions Provider Shares His Insights On Cloud Computing For SMBs

    Keith Fletcher, COO at Speros, a business technology solutions provider, presented “What Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Cloud Computing” at the recent Savannah Chamber of Commerce SMART Luncheon.