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  1. Mythbusting: Be A Trusted Advisor To Your Clients With The Truth Behind Cloud Myths

    As your clients consider cloud computing options, be prepared to answer questions and provide the facts to help them make the best decisions for their companies.

  2. VARs: Enable Small Retailers To Act Big

    In many cases, it’s large retailers who drive the adoption of the latest technology innovations. After all, they’ve got deeper pockets and the capability (i.e. personnel and expertise) to tinker with things. That said, smaller retailers have some things going for them as well. While many are short on IT budget, free time, and in-house expertise, there’s a willingness to gamble on something without fear of how shareholders will react or how competitive retailers will respond.

  3. Cloud, Security, Mobility: Significant Trends In Healthcare IT

    Business Solutions asked channel executives their opinions on the most significant trends and opportunities in healthcare IT, and responses related to topics including cloud, security, and mobility.

  4. 5 Ways Gamification Can Work For Your IT Clients

    If the goal of a business or organization is to influence the behavior that leads to customers choosing their products or services, few strategies have proven quite as effective as gamification.

  5. Zebra Announcing Details Of New Partner Program At Global Partner Summit

    Shortly after Zebra Technologies’ acquisition of Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business about a year ago, the two channel teams began work on how to best support their partners.

  6. National Retail Federation Creates Retail Research And Analysis Center

    The National Retail Federation announced a multimillion-dollar investment to create The Retail Research and Analysis Center.

  7. “Buhtrap” Malware Targeting Russian Banks And Businesses

    ESET has discovered a malware campaign targeting Russian banks and the accounting departments of Russian businesses, nicknamed Operation Buhtrap. Apparently, the malware has been active for more than a year, and 88 percent of the attacks have been in Russia and 10 percent in the Ukraine.

  8. The Danger Of Insider Threats To Your Health IT Clients

    Security breaches in healthcare are a major issue, but not enough attention is being paid to threats from the inside.

  9. Study Shows Government IT Investments Produce Returns

    A study by University of Michigan professor M.S. Krishnan and two Ross Ph.D. alumni has found that government IT investments produce gains in productivity and efficiency. The study is set to appear in a future volume of Management Science.

  10. BYOD Is “The Norm” For Your Health IT Clients

    If you haven’t talked to your hospital clients about their BYOD (bring your own device) security policies, it might be time to schedule a meeting.

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