General Computing Executive Commentary

  1. New Year, New Goal: Protect Your Business And Your Clients From Cyberattacks

    Cybersecurity has gained some long awaited traction and momentum. The more headlines there are about data breaches, the more stakeholders are paying attention. As your clients look to you for guidance, here are six prevailing security threats businesses need to prepare for in 2016.

  2. SMB IT Market Opportunity: 5 Tips To Maximize Business Value With Next-Generation Power Monitoring

    Organizations should leverage next-generation power monitoring services, keeping these requirements in mind.

  3. 8 Predictions For UCaaS In 2016

    The technology industry is never dull, and in 2016 the UCaaS market will certainly get even more interesting. UCaaS will hit that transition point between the slope of enlightenment and plateau of productivity on Gartner’s hype cycle. The opportunities in UCaaS are increasing, and channel partners can capture new revenue from high margin services and achieve greater success.

  4. How Big Data Works For Safe Cities

    Unified security management solutions are valuable in helping cities collect and analyze important data to deliver actionable intelligence and greater situational awareness.

  5. 4 Best Practices Integrators Need To Know About Video Surveillance And Cybersecurity

    With the focus on cybersecurity so high and the risks increasing, it’s imperative that integrators ensure they are taking proper measures to avoid the proverbial hot seat. Here are four best practices relative to video surveillance and cybersecurity risk mitigation to get you started.

  6. IT Solutions Providers: 4 Opportunities In Video Surveillance In 2016

    There are big opportunities for channel partners who are ready to help organizations get a handle on a new era of video surveillance — especially the new data management challenges that come with it. 

  7. Predictions For 2016: SMBs And Cloud

    SMBs will face various cloud-related challenges in 2016 — challenges that will create many opportunities for IT solutions providers to expand their portfolios with solutions that enable SMBs for ongoing success

  8. Video Trends In 2016: Reaching For The Cloud(s)

    The video surveillance market evolution continues, with cybersecurity, business intelligence, service-based solutions, and the cloud, becoming top-of-mind issues for integrators and manufacturers to address.

  9. Security Challenges And Responsibility Are An Opportunity For IT Services Providers

    You need to integrate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection and network monitoring tools into your solution portfolio — These are no longer luxuries for you or your customers.

  10. How Big Data Works For Hospitality

    Predictive analytics eliminate the guesswork from staff scheduling.