General Computing Executive Commentary

  1. Identity: A Focused Attack Vector In 2016

    As data breaches continue, the human element will continue to be a major attack vector. It is therefore critical that we understand how and where people, processes, and identity and access management (IAM) controls are vulnerable. 

  2. It’s A Trap! Preparing For Smokescreen DDoS Attacks

    The threat landscape is more complex than ever, and establishing a cybersecurity strategy in 2016 entails accounting for a number of different factors. Hackers will employ a variety of techniques to achieve their goals. In order to establish a viable defense, enterprises and VARs must select the necessary technology for countering different forms of attacks.

  3. 3 Things To Watch In IT For 2016

    Enterprise IT is nothing if not dynamic. Looking into 2016, another exciting year of change and new trends is set to kick off. Here are three things anticipated to define 2016 for enterprise IT solutions providers and customers:

  4. 5 Reasons Why RMM Fails Backup Checks

    RMM tools don’t do a great job of reporting on disparate backup systems. MSPs need a far more granular perspective of what’s really going on when it comes to any and all backups. 

  5. What You Can Tell Your Clients When They Ask Why They Should Migrate To Windows 10

    Windows 10 appears to be a winner that should restore Microsoft’s reputation with client operating systems. With an updated, more user-friendly interface and a more secure environment, Windows 10 will benefit any home and enterprise user.

  6. 4 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2016 (And How VARs Can Help Keep Their Customers Protected)

    The increase in breach volume and sophistication is a sign of things to come. Companies must learn from past mistakes and their painful repercussions to protect themselves from cyberattacks. The good news is that the VAR community is in an excellent position to help protect its customers and become major resources for cybersecurity leadership.

  7. The 2016 Outlook For Cybercrime: What To Do To Keep Data And Systems Safe

    Here is a list of areas of IT security technology focus and reasons why they need to be on everyone’s agenda.

  8. 3 Access Control Trends That Drive The Convergence Of Physical And Logical Functions

    The government has sought to create a standardized access control and identity management approach for physical and logical security across its agencies. Advancements in technology have transformed a seemingly impossible vision into an achievable goal, which a variety of industries can take stock in how this model benchmarks against their security strategies.

  9. Safer Up High: Selling Customers On The Security Of Cloud-Based ERP Software

    One concern of potential customers regarding cloud-based software is how secure it is — it is online and not in an isolated server, so does the likelihood of an issue occurring increase? Cloud-based services aren’t immune to data loss, either. As a VAR or solutions provider, these will be two of the tougher questions your customers ask.

  10. 4 Considerations For Your 2016 Data Center Initiatives

    Technology changes constantly, and it’s up to us to be ready for it all. Here are four significant trends that will shake up the data center in 2016.