Security Executive Commentary

  1. Battling The Rising Business Costs Of Cybercrime While Protecting Valuable Data
    Cybercrime is on the rise, with data breaches becoming more frequent and more severe. This “cybergeddon”1 comes with a hefty price tag for businesses. The 2008 United States “Annual Study: Cost of a Data Breach”2 report of the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of an incident is...
  2. "Why Should I Buy From You?"
    Here's one of the great truths of selling - if prospects can't tell the difference between your product or service and your competitor's product or service, they'll make their buying decision on price. Now, this isn't the only reason for the price objection coming up but it's a major one. It's absolutely amazing...
  3. Cyber Criminals Increase In Sophistication In 2009
    2008 was certainly an interesting and exciting year for the IT security community. Researchers made great strides in the field of botnets. For example, we saw cross-industry coordination to take down one of the most notorious hosting providers for botnet command and control centers, McColo, and as a result, observed a ...
  4. Don't Talk Turkey With Turkeys
    We've all had them - the prospect that isn't going to buy from you no matter what. It might be because he doesn't need or want whatever it is you're selling or perhaps you've rubbed him the wrong way and he simply doesn't want to buy from you. The only problem is, he won't tell you that. The prospect generally...
  5. The Secret Sauce of Channel Success
    Great technology that is easy to implement, manage, and use is a prerequisite for any vendor to be successful in the SMB market — but it’s not all that’s required. The other major ingredient is great partners. And for partners to succeed with great technology, they must be provided with the programs, ...
  6. When to Fire a New Hire
    Why would anyone in their right mind want to fire someone they recently hired? Smart sales managers, that’s who. What would make them want to do such a thing? Non- or poor performance, that’s what. Judging non-performance is easy to figure out but exactly how do you gauge poor performance? Do You Have a ...
  7. Looking To Keep Profits Flowing In 2009? Focus On SMB Security In The Down Economy
    The truth is that every business needs basic security, declining economy or not. This becomes especially crucial for a small business, given that a breach will not always be as easily absorbed as with an enterprise-level organization with more capital and more available credit. In fact, implementing investment...
  8. Tap Into New Technologies to Improve Efficiency and Add Value
    In today's competitive landscape, VARs and dealers are challenged to find new revenue streams. Fortunately, there is a market ripe for the picking - retail. As some retail products become more commoditized, VARs can find new, higher-margin solutions to offer these customers that will truly transform the way they do...
  9. Leveraging Vendor Mergers and Acquisitions
    I like to break down vendor mergers and acquisitions into two categories: those that are “benevolent” and aim to develop a technology by purchasing it, and those that are “horizontal mergers” where a company removes market competition and gains market share through acquisition. In the latter...
  10. The Rise of Cybercrime - Protecting the New Mobile Workplace
    The world has witnessed an unprecedented rise in global cybercrime. Criminal viruses and spyware are at record levels. Spam volumes are doubling every few months. Insider theft of confidential information has become a top concern. And, now with the advent of social networking such as Myspace, Flickr, Facebook, and...
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