Supply Chain Magazine

  1. Feature Article: Take Your POS Solutions To The Web
    Sintel Systems is new school POS (point of sale). Whereas most POS VARs stake their claim in their hometowns and expand outward using traditional “feet on the street” sales methods, Sintel Systems looked to initially grow its business nationally via the Internet. By Mike Monocello, Business Solutions magazine.
  2. From The Editor: A Snapshot Of Cloud And Its Value Proposition
    In the last couple months, I’ve twice heard the clearest explanation to date of cloud computing and its value proposition. By Gennifer Biggs, Security, Storage, and Managed Services Editor, Business Solutions magazine.
  3. From The Editor: Can Mobile POS Hurt Your Business?
    I recently got back into the office after three straight weeks of attending industry events. At each event (a visit to Motorola corporate headquarters, the Ingram Micro DC/POS Partner conference, and the ETA [Electronic Transaction Association] payment processing-related show) the concept of mobility in the retail space was a hot topic of conversation.
  4. Industry Perspective: Take Advantage Of New RFID Opportunities
    For many years, RFID deployment was primarily the domain of very large companies that could afford to produce or purchase large numbers of RFID tags and readers, often in conjunction with their suppliers and customers. But with reader and tag costs dropping and reliability increasing, there are a myriad of RFID opportunities for much smaller deployments and targeted, closed-loop applications.
  5. Feature Article: Don’t Fear The Cloud
    The response to hosted solutions via the cloud by some IT solutions providers has been a “the sky is falling” mentality. For others, cloud is simply another opportunity to sell something new, different, and valuable to both existing and new customers.
  6. From The Editor: Build Your Strategy Around Evolving IT Market Drivers
    One of my favorite presentations at the Ingram Micro VTN Invitational events is the State of the Market address from Gartner analyst Tiffani Bova. By Gennifer Biggs, Business Solutions magazine.
  7. Tech Trends: Rugged Mobile Computers Behind The Wheel
    Rugged mobile computers are designed to go anywhere your customers’ employees go — whether that’s to the roof of a building, the crawlspace under a customer’s house, or the middle of a swampy field. For some applications, however, these devices spend most of their time inside a vehicle. By Brian Albright, Business Solutions magazine.
  8. Installation Review: Chance Call Leads To Successful Wireless Infrastructure Project
    Sometimes it pays to take a chance. Such was the case when a Business Communications Inc. (BCI) sales rep cold-called the superintendent of the El Dorado, AR, School District. By Pedro Pereira, Business Solutions magazine.
  9. Industry Perspective: RFID: An Expansive Technology With Good Payback
    Recent advances in RFID (radio frequency identification) are giving VARs the opportunity to offer and bundle more services for RFID hardware, while complementing their existing bar code systems. By Chris MacKinnon, Business Solutions magazine.
  10. Feature Article: SaaS Can Reboot Your Workforce Management Sales
    In the past few years, SaaS has generated a ton of interest throughout the IT industry in terms of the value proposition it offers to the channel’s customers. By Gennifer Biggs, Business Solutions magazine.