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  1. Survey Finds Managed Cloud Backup Services Crucial For Resellers To Compete

    Resellers count on the availability of reliable, affordable managed cloud backup solutions in order to compete in the ever-expanding marketplace, according to a recent survey conducted by CloudBerry Lab, a vendor of backup and management solutions for public cloud storage services.

  2. What Role Should Solutions Providers Play In Business’ Migration From Windows Server 2003?

    July 14 will be the end of service (EOS) for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. And although a sense of urgency to migrate to a new solution has been increasing over the past few weeks, there are still many businesses — some of your IT clients and prospects — who are still at the beginning of the process. David Brisbois, senior manager of assessment and technology deployment services consulting for Softchoice, says, “A lot of the customers are aware of the issue. They don’t have time to address it.”

  3. Study Shows Communications Solutions Are Vital To Field Service Companies

    A field service study from TechnologyAdvice Research explores customers’ opinions toward service visits and found that while field service technicians are performing fairly well, opportunities still exist for solutions providers to help their clients increase brand loyalty.

  4. Exit Strategy: An Essential Part Of Your IT Business Plan

    Entrepreneurs often focus on launching and building their businesses, hoping to see them flourish and grow, but planning an appropriate exit strategy that allows you to get your money back at the end of the journey is just as important to consider: the “exit” in exit strategy is what allows you and your investors to receive ROI.

  5. New CompTIA Video Series Highlights IT Careers And Their Potential

    IT companies are having trouble finding skilled workers for many positions, while large numbers of young people struggle to find well-paying jobs that lead to a solid career.

  6. Study: Industrial Companies See IoT Potential But Lack Proper Strategy

    While approximately 85 percent of manufacturing companies polled globally see great potential in the Internet of Things (IoT), only 15 percent of enterprises are prepared to leverage that potential by analyzing machine data.

  7. CHIME On Meaningful Use 3: Some Elements Are “Overly Ambitious”

    CHIME is in favor of modifications to Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2, but believes that in its current state, Stage 3 may be reaching too far.

  8. Health IT Standards Committee Accepting New Members

    With the advent of ACOs, HIEs, and the ever-increasing importance of data in the healthcare landscape, the impact of federal oversight on the healthcare industry can only be expected to increase.

  9. President Obama's National Cybersecurity Emergency Explained

    IT solutions providers can work with the government and companies to come up with effective solutions to curb and protect against the rising tide of cyber insecurity.

  10. Windows Server 2003 EOS: 4 Opportunities For Solutions Providers

    July 14 will mark the end of service for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and this means the end of patches, security updates, and, in some cases, compliance with their industries’ regulations and requirements.

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