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  1. The Unknown Future Of The Retail Reseller Channel

    Yesterday I participated in a couple hours of planning for our upcoming (May 12-13) Retail IT VAR of the Future event in Las Vegas. Even though the event is just two days away from the office in an easy-to-reach city and economically priced, we recognized early on that we’d have to offer something special to get people to take time away from their businesses and attend. Therefore, when we set out to create this event, we weren’t looking to host another typical show. We set out with uniqueness and greatness in mind. After this latest meeting, I’m reminded of those initial goals and feel confident in what we’ve created for you.

  2. Target Breach Leads To Lawsuit, Compelling Pitch For VARs

    On Thursday, Target announced that it has agreed to pay $10 million dollars in settlement of a class-action lawsuit that came about after its 2013 breach. Individual victims could get up to $10,000 each. I’m not sure what this will do to Target’s bottom line, but I do know that most small retailers couldn't afford such a blow.

  3. Former NFL Coach Wyche Talks Leadership At ScanSource Conference

    Pro and college sports teams seize the opportunity when they have a home-court advantage, so why shouldn’t channel companies? ScanSource, headquartered Greenville, SC, hosted its Worldwide Partner Conference for POS and Barcoding in that same city March 16-18, and utilized local hero Sam Wyche as the event’s keynote speaker.

  4. ScanSource Partner Conference 2015: Power From The People

    Just as you would expect at an IT distributor event, ScanSource’s Worldwide Partner Conference for POS and Barcoding talked about point of sale, bar codes, RFID, payment processing, and other technologies, of course. I was pleasantly surprised that much of the March 17 general session, held at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville, SC, focused on people and services, which are truly the heart of the channel’s past success and future hopes.

  5. Weather, “Less Promotional Environment” Translate To Slow February For Stores

    Euclid Analytics reports for the month of February, the first day of the month — boosted by Super Bowl weekend and Valentine’s Day preparations — was the best day of the month for brick-and-mortar stores.

  6. Point Of Sale, Payment Processing And Data Collection News From February 2015

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in point of sale, payment processing and data collection news, Heartland acquires Dinerware and pcAmerica, BlueStar introduces Hybrid Solutions-as-a-Service, and Datalogic releases a linear imager and signs an agreement with NCR to supply an automated scanner. In addition, Janam introduces a rugged mobile computer with multi-OS support, HP introduces eight commercial mobility solutions that support multiple operating systems, and SpeedLine POS adds support for ConnectSmart Kitchen. Also, AURES Technologies launches a new thermal POS printer, and Retail Realm announces WorldPay certification.

  7. Retail Mobile Strategy: Points Of Customer Engagement And Solutions That Work

    Your merchant IT clients are trying to keep up with ways their customers want to engage with them and to leverage tools they need to stay competitive. You can provide both.

  8. How SMB IT Solutions Providers Should Use Social Media

    Social media is the best way for SMBs to increase name awareness and interact with a broader customer base.

  9. Verizon PCI Report: Compliance Should Be A Process To Support Security

    According to Verizon’s 2015 PCI Compliance Report released on March 12, almost 80 percent of businesses fail interim Payment Card Industry (PCI)compliance assessments.The report includes an analysis of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance in companies worldwide that experienced data breaches. Verizon’s research shows, since 2009, organizations that experienced data breaches showed “lower than normal compliance with a number of PCI DSS controls.”

  10. VARs, ISVs Heading For Collision With EMV Deadline. But Will There Be Any Damage?

    In my time with Business Solutions, I don’t think I've come across such an interesting topic as EMV. The card brands and vendors in the payments world will tell you how important EMV is, while VARs and ISVs scratch their heads over the lack of direction or clarity around the initiative. Many vendors claim to have easy and affordable solutions to become EMV certified, while a large number of VARs and ISVs still claim to be in the dark as to what they need to do. The card brands will talk about the added security and warn of the liability shift in the event of a breach, while VARs catering to SMBs will tell you that their customers simply aren't at risk.

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