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CharTec Sales Lab

The typical sales process tends to go like this: you engage a customer, offer a solution to fix their problem without really considering what their problems really are, discuss the alternatives and attempt to close the deal. Now there's only one problem with this process: it never works.

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How much is losing a deal using this method worth? In Managed Services, somewhere around $72,000 go down the drain every time you lose a sale.

At the CharTec Sales Lab, we teach you a new method of selling that actually works, including things like:

  • Getting the first appointment with intriguing voicemail, emails, and techniques to overcome gatekeepers
  • Using that first appointment to develop curiosity and credibility so they're willing to let you in for a full Discovery
  • True Sales Discovery that uncovers pain points, plays to every officers' selsh desires, and exposes excessive spending on IT
  • And more...

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