ECM Executive Commentary

  1. Sustainability And Change Management: Steps To Long-Term Adoption

    The promise of paperless has been a dream for decades with slow progress and many challenges. In recent years, however, industries that many said would never move to digital documents, like healthcare, have jumped hurdles and are making significant progress. By Melinda Stoker, director of global marketing communications, Xerox DocuShare

  2. Revamp Cash Application Processes To Speed Payment Cycles And Improve Service

    Your organization’s accounts receivable (AR) department has many varied responsibilities, from matching customer payments to invoices, to posting payment data into your accounting system, to submitting bank deposits. Despite the fact that many of the daily tasks performed within your AR department are typically repetitious, one of the department’s most important roles is to create a stable, controlled foundation for your organization’s cash flow.

  3. Quickly Resolve Scanning Problems With Operations Alerts

    A new breed of analytics software provides timely alerts about performance shortfalls, so operations managers can now detect problems and make more informed decisions about your scanning environment within a time frame that is most effective. By Chad Eiler, software product manager at ibml

  4. A Question Of Faith: Must You Always Reengineer Before Automating?
    Don’t be in a rush. There are several things to consider regarding whether reengineering is required for semi-automated subsystems. By David Buttgereit, senior partner, The BPM Group
  5. Your EMR Might Not Be Enough
    Despite initiatives and government mandates like HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA, more than 50% of healthcare organizations reported at least one privacy or security issue in the past two years. That amounts to a personal data breach every other day on average. What should healthcare providers do as the amount of information spirals upward and government regulations mandate stricter controls? By HK Bain, CEO, Digitech Systems, Inc.
  6. Adding ECM To The EHR Equation
    The healthcare industry is in the midst of radical transformation, and documents are at the heart of the revolution — with good reason.
  7. Is Paperless Really The Answer
    If you are looking to get rid of your paper more quickly, simply buying a faster scanner won’t help you. You’re going to have to dig a little deeper than that. In this Q&A with Mark Messier from OPEX, we highlight just a few additional things you need to think about. Compiled by Vicki Amendola, editor of ECM Connection
  8. Wealth Managers Facing Information Tsunami
    Have you seen an upswing in the number of records you are managing in your brokerage? Described by economists as the “Great Recession,” the economic downturn that occurred during 2008 and 2009 has indelibly changed the way Americans respond to investing and retirement planning. By HK Bain, CEO Digitech Systems, Inc.
  9. eDiscovery, International Business, And The Challenges Of Complying With FCPA
    In today’s global economy, cross-border commerce is vital to the success of many businesses. However, to ensure that lawful business practices are adhered to more corporations are increasingly coming under the federal government’s microscope for their international operations. By: Dean Gonsowski, Associate General Counsel, Clearwell Systems
  10. SharePoint - The Better The Metadata, The More Valuable The Information
    Part 3 of an exclusive ECM Connection SharePoint series: Part of the reason SharePoint is recognized as one of the fastest growing products in Microsoft’s history is that it allows an organization to leverage an asset it already has: its information repository. Employees throughout a company can use SharePoint to update and access information quickly and easily, which is then used to drive business processes down the line to reduce costs and increase efficiency, provided, of course, the information they’re accessing is accurate and complete. By Allen Carney, VP of product marketing at Kofax
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