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  1. RSPA RetailNOW 2013 Kicks Off On A High Note

    RSPA RetailNOW opened Sunday evening with its new member reception, welcome reception, and its 2nd annual RSPA Jam Band made up of industry musicians. Check out the recap after the jump.

  2. RetailNOW Speakers Aim To Inspire Leaders

    RSPA RetailNOW 2013 plans to educate and empower attendees to be “true solutions providers,” and RetailNOW speakers will provide the inspiration and tools to reach that goal. 

  3. RSPA RetailNOW 2013 Provides Retail VARs Mobile Roadmap

    By far, one of the hottest technology trends in retail today is concerning mobility. At the upcoming RSPA RetailNOW show in Las Vegas, the latest in mobile solutions will be on display.

  4. RSPA: Evidence Of Industry Engagement, Relevance

    I just had a call with Kristen Oleson from the RSPA in advance of their upcoming event and, wow, am I blown away at what this organization — YOUR industry organization — is doing. A few stats...

  5. Are You *Really* A Retail Solutions Provider?

    RetailNOW 2013 will help attendees answer the question: “Am I really a retail solutions provider?” The purpose of beginning RSPA’s conference in Las Vegas with this question is to empower attendees, who will work toward that goal during three days of education.

  6. RSPA Inspires ‘As A Service’ Handbook For Retail IT Resellers

    Arriving in your mailbox in July will be BSM’s Annual Guide To POS & Payment Processing Trends. We’re especially proud because this year’s guide features a handbook designed to help retail IT resellers transition from break/fix to the “as a Service” business model.

  7. From RSPA INSPIRE: Yes, KPIs Can Be Fun

    Running your reseller organization often gives you a rush – landing a big installation, seeing your ideas brought to life, negotiating a deal, discovering new technology at a trade show. But talking about key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business isn’t exactly pulse-raising stuff. Even just reading a list of some KPIs can induce a yawn. Examples include warranty work cost, value of obsolete inventory, and office supplies as a percent of overhead.

    If you’re still awake, here’s some advice for you the resellers and vendors attending this week’s Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) annual INSPIRE winter conference in Curacao have already learned. You can bring KPIs to life by engaging your entire team in improving your business. You’ll not only achieve and surpass your KPIs, but you can have a blast while getting there.

  8. 4 Lessons You Should Learn From Resellers At INSPIRE

    You might think you’re having a more productive week in your office compared with the resellers attending the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) annual Inspire winter conference in sunny Curacao. You’re at your desk, in meetings, or on the road while these resellers attend a morning workshop then hit the pool, golf course, or ocean.

    But Inspire has proven once again to go beyond the fun and games. The 30 or so resellers attending this event are among the most successful in the retail IT industry, and their actions I’ve observed over the first two days of the conference offer a glimpse why. Resellers who want to improve their business could learn a thing or two – or four – from these VARs

  9. 13 Ways To Practically Apply Ownership Thinking

    Consultant and businessperson Tom Bouwer, the featured speaker at the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) annual Inspire winter conference, doused the 80 attendees at today’s workshop with Ownership Thinking principles. Bouwer is educating executives from retail IT reseller, vendor, and distributor organizations at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Curacao.

    Following are three fulcrum principles of Ownership Thinking along with practical advice on how to implement this philosophy in your organization.

  10. RSPA Inspire 2013: In-Depth Education Sneak Peek

    Business Solutions editor-in-chief Mike Monocello speaks with Tom Bouwer, Ownership Thinking, the keynote presenter at RSPA INSPIRE 2013.

    The Ownership Thinking Management System™ is based on 4 primary components: The Right People; The Right Education; The Right Measures; and The Right Incentives.  We will go in-depth into each of these areas:

    • The Right People: Create an environment that promotes learning and development, while at the same time increasing visibility and accountability. Your best people will excel, and your poorest performers are generally self-selected out by their peers.
    • The Right Education: Teach employees the fundamentals of business and finance, how their company makes money and how they add or take away value.
    • The Right Measures: Identify the organization’s Key Performance Indicators and teach employees to forecast results in an environment of high visibility and accountability.
    • The Right Incentives: Create incentive plans that are self-funding and clearly align employee’s behavior to the organization’s business and financial objectives.

    We will be learning and discussing how these concepts can help RSPA members navigate their rapidly changing environment.  For example, “how can this model help companies move from an up-front payment model to a SaaS model?”  “How can we make our companies more profitable in the face of market convergence?”

    One of the keys to this is to eradicate entitlement thinking which is pervasive in companies today.  Companies need to replace this entitlement mentality with a culture of earning; a culture of high visibility, accountability and purpose – that purpose being to create wealth where wealth may not have otherwise been created. 

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