1. 4 Reasons Retail VARs Need To Focus On In-Store Mobility

    Renewed focus on IT in brick-and-mortar retail stores was one of the major themes emerging from NRF 2016, the National Retail Federation’s Retail BIG Show. Other trends that continue to create buzz across the industry are mobile POS, omnichannel retailing, and a strong focus on the customer experience as a competitive differentiator.

  2. How Barcoding Oversaw United Rentals’ Deployment of 2,500 New Mobile Devices

    Although many companies have internal project management teams, it is often most efficient to turn to outside resources to support large-scale solution deployments. Recently, United Rentals, Inc. did just that.

  3. E-Myth’s Gerber To VARs: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Find Your Life’s Work

    In this exclusive Business Solutions interview, renowned small business guru Michael Gerber says solutions providers need to change their mindset. They need to move beyond the day-to-day distractions of their business, find their passion, and pursue their dream.

  4. Using Business Rules To Find New Revenue

    While the widespread adoption of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a threat to existing on-premise applications and independent software vendor (ISV) business models. It’s also an opportunity for ISVs to step up and meet market needs as there are numerous ways ISVs can work to not only meet those needs, but boost overall revenue.

  5. Data Protection Without Borders

    Data sovereignty has garnered a lot of press and discussion over the last few months. But ask data owners, data creators, and those who process data what data sovereignty truly means and you will probably get many unique answers.

  6. Not Your Father’s Partner Programs: Growth Opportunities For The Channel

    Information technology channel partner programs used to be so simple. For years, most partner programs had a straightforward structure. Channel partners, which were typically traditional resellers, participated in “reseller programs.” If partners met sales thresholds and invested in product training, then vendors provided financial and non-financial benefits.

  7. Why March 19 Is The Most Important Date Not On Your Business’ Calendar

    Let’s face it — you can work hard, have a great team, and offer great products or services, but it’s ultimately your customers who keep the business going and growing. While this has always been true, today’s technology is enabling an unparalleled awareness of customer centricity for small businesses. In fact, Walker Consulting predicts that in the next few years the most successful businesses won’t be winning based on price or products, but on their ability to deliver amazing customer experiences.

  8. Go Green & Make Green With Workforce Mobility

    Research studies show that more than half of consumers prefer to give their business to companies pursuing green initiatives.

  9. Mobile Field Service Software And The CEO: What’s In It For Me?

    As a business owner or CEO, you know the impact of the field service function can be felt throughout the business. The evolution of field service from a cost center to a profit center has helped the strongest companies survive, and even thrive, in tough economic times. But when field service departments operate at less than maximum effectiveness, you feel the impact. Customer satisfaction decreases. The business loses highly trained service technicians. Profitability suffers.

  10. Reducing Legal Risk Of MSPs Working With Healthcare Clients

    Recent regulations in the healthcare market have serious implications for MSPs and their healthcare clients, but the right compliance strategy can add value for everyone.