1. 6 Tips To Help Provide Your IT Clients With Safe Remote Computing

    As a provider of IT services for a variety of businesses, I have witnessed a myriad of Internet vulnerability issues, especially as more and more work is performed on the road. My company, Synametrics, provides software solutions that help companies share their valuable, often crucially private information both securely and efficiently. But these tools must be combined with user vigilance.

  2. Managing Risks In Utility And Substation Physical Security

    Traditionally, electrical substation security was aimed only at preventing access to stop vandalism and improve safety. But today, security efforts have been redefined to address new threats in order to protect critical infrastructure. Substations are a critical element in the distribution of high-voltage electrical networks, and any disruption can have a severe negative impact on society.

  3. Will Intelligence-as-a-Service Be The Next Opportunity For Solutions Providers?

    To say that the cloud has taken the world by storm wouldn’t do the technology justice. In the span of only a few years, cloud computing has become an indispensable tool for most businesses and other organizations. There are many reasons for the growing phenomenon, but perhaps the biggest one is the cloud’s versatility.

  4. Do Small, Local Companies Need Field Service Software?

    It’s almost assumed that large service companies use the latest and greatest technology. They serve thousands of customers across multiple regions and manage a vast army of technicians, equipment, and vehicles, so of course they need the best field service management (FSM) software.

  5. Is Your IT Solutions Provider Ready For UC?

    Unified Communications (UC) has become almost a buzzword over the last few years. Companies are turning to a UC model because it supports important business attributes like speed and efficiency.

  6. What MSPs Need To Know Before Developing An Integrated Security And Management Solution

    As MSPs straddle the twin needs of meeting customers’ ongoing technology needs and doing so in a reliable and cost-effective way, security and systems monitoring are two of the high-demand technologies they are trying to add to their business portfolios. What should you look for when implementing a multitenant environment that monitors and secures network infrastructure across both physical and virtual boundaries? Below are five best practices for service providers to consider.

  7. Containers Eliminate Modernization Pain And Open New Value-Add Opportunities

    End-of-life (EOL) announcements for Windows Server and SQL Server are a fact of life for your clients. These dreaded notifications signal yet another long, expensive, and painful migration process that businesses have been forced to accept as a required element of data center modernization.

  8. 4 Things SMBs Are Looking For From Their Software And IT Solutions Providers

    Small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners have a lot on their plates, many taking on roles typically outsourced or assigned to an employee such as human resources, marketing, and business development. One of the most vexing roles for a business owner to take on is IT administrator. IT is evolving at the speed of light with new technologies being introduced every day. While a small business owner may be an expert in his or her special craft, they may lack the expertise to research, understand and implement the myriad of IT solutions critical to operating a business today.

  9. 4 Ways To Move Outside Your Comfort Zone And Win Big With Managed Services

    The comfort zone for many channel partners revolves around their technology expertise. How many certs, how many vendors, how many techs? But where the big money is being made is in the application of this knowledge and the solutions it can create to solve business problems and deliver desired outcomes for businesses of all sizes.

  10. Don’t Supersize, Optimize: New Strategies For Document Management Solutions

    All businesses relentlessly seek new strategies to reduce costs and increase productivity. Every dollar saved goes back to the bottom line to fuel growth. Costs can be recovered in many areas across the business.