POS Magazine

  1. Overcome EMV Objections

    Experts explain how payment hardware upgrades bring a host of exciting new functionality retailers are excited to adopt.

  2. Special Report: Mobile POS And The IT Channel

    Everyone loves talking about mobile POS, but who’s actually deploying it and making money?

  3. Future-Proof Your IT Practice

    If you want to know more about EMV and how to maximize your payments-related revenue, this guide is for you.

  4. How To Prepare For The Increase In Online Fraud Caused By EMV

    As the U.S. migrates its physical card infrastructure to EMV, an interesting phenomena is about to happen.

  5. Maitre’D POS A Proven And Profitable Offering For Resellers With Hospitality Expertise

    Our feature-rich and highly customizable POS solutions translate into higher profits for VARs.

  6. Unique Subscription Program Changes The Game For Value-Added Resellers

    BlueStar — a leading global distributor of ADC, mobility, point of sale, RFID, digital signage, and security technology solutions — introduces its newest innovative offering for value-added resellers: Hybrid Solutions-as-a-Service (SaaS).

  7. The Tablet Takeover — Why tPOS Is The New mPOS

    The one thing you can be certain of in the payments industry is change, and point of sale has undergone a rapid evolution in recent years. Today, a POS system doesn’t simply ring up a sale.

  8. Keystroke Express POS

    A Practical And Profitable Alternative To Selling Entry-Level POS

  9. Payments And Integrations Made Easy

    Merchant Link’s partner program supports you every step of the way.

  10. Discover® Is Partnering With The POS Channel To Accelerate EMV Deployment

    For the past several years Discover has been in discussions with key participants in the integrated Payments Channel in order to help plan for and accelerate EMV deployment. Discover has conducted EMV engagement discussions with the top ISVs in the channel in order to share information and validate EMV enablement plans.