White Papers & Case Studies

  1. MSP Increases Sales And Efficiency With RMM Platform

    As part of its professional services support, Ash Creek Enterprises is helping local schools and school boards manage technology transformations in the classroom. This includes IT infrastructure refresh programs backed by ongoing managed services support to ensure educators can take full advantage of new IT tools and resources.

  2. Help Desk Best Practices

    A help desk is critical to the operations of an IT services business. As a centralized intake location for technical issues, it allows for a responsive and timely solution to get clients and their staff back to business as usual. In addition to handling immediate IT issues, a help desk performs several proactive tasks to ensure clients’ IT systems remain operational and downtime is minimized.

  3. Service Desk Best Practices

    In order to provide the highest level of service to clients, IT service providers must utilize all of the appropriate tools, as well as have the appropriate resources in place. By implementing a service desk, IT service providers will have a resource in place that is continually working to optimize IT service delivery while managing all internal and client facing operations and processes, as well as ensuring client needs are met.

  4. 6 Key Criteria For SMB Data Protection

    This white paper reviews both the unique pain points faced by small businesses in regards to data protection, as well as the solution provided by Datto ALTO, the first BDR solution designed specifically for small business with the power of an enterprise BDR.  And at a small business price point.

  5. Utilizing Next Generation MSP Automation To Gain A Competitive Advantage In The Managed Services Marketplace

    The demand for managed services is gaining momentum because of a confluence of macro-market trends. As a result of these trends, approximately 7 in 10 end-user organizations today contract with a MSP for some or all of their technology needs, according to a recent survey report published by CompTIA. These savings and other business benefits have driven 62% of the current users of MSPs to plan to increase the proportion of their IT operations managed by MSP over the next two years.

  6. Managing Mobile Devices: The New MSP Opportunity

    Just as it’s hard to imagine banking without ATMs, computer users eventually will look back and wonder how they ever got by without smartphones or tablets. Network-connected smartphones, notebooks and tablets, according to analysts, will reach 15 billion worldwide by 2015 — more than double the planet’s projected population. Mobile phones in 2013 will surpass PCs in connecting to the Internet, analysts predict. As of 2012, the number of smartphones in use worldwide had passed 1 billion.

  7. Scaling Managed Services With A Third-Party NOC Partnership

    How MSPs can achieve faster returns on investment, raise overall service quality and reduce development costs.

  8. 3M – Making Sure Your Messages Are Delivered With The Highest Data Quality

    3M wanted to ensure they could deliver emergency notifications and provide important information to staff during crisis situations on the devices that their employees used. But with that many employees, and more than one way to communicate to each, it got complicated.

  9. IT Service Provider Client Advocacy And Benchmarking Study

    In February 2013, Client Heartbeat conducted a client advocacy study which included IT service providers in Australia, Europe and America. The study surveyed 3,500 small businesses within the client bases of these providers.

  10. 5 Things Every MSP Needs To Know About Mobile As A Managed Service

    The proliferation of mobile devices among consumers has forced businesses to quickly seek ways to provide work-related applications to employees using these devices and control the access these devices have to the corporate network. This paper from N-able looks at how this has changed the business landscape for Managed Service Providers in terms of the needs of small and medium sized customers. Improvements to processor speeds,

    5 Things About Mobile As A Managed Service Every MSP Needs To Know