Back & Recovery Featured Products

    ETERNUS® CS Virtual Tape Appliance (VTA) provides fully integrated Disk to Disk to Tape backup. It offers data protection for all types of enterprise data.
  2. ICON Manager
    Xiotech’s ICON Manager has completely changed the storage management landscape, providing the easiest storage and server administration ever available.
  3. DriveStation™ Duo
    The DriveStation Duo™ is a quick and easy solution to store, access, back up and transfer your music, photos, videos and other files. Get maximum storage with the increased capacity of two spanning hard drives or the extra security of automatic mirroring in one affordable box. Memeo™ AutoBackup Software and support provide security and reliability of your data.
  4. DriveStation™ FlexNet
    A revolutionary marriage of an external USB drive and a network attached storage solution. The DriveStation FlexNet™ for the first time allows users to simply and quickly toggle between the high speed capabilities of a USB 2.0 interface and the convenience of centralized storage with the push of a button. Equipped with Memeo AutoBackup, the DriveStation FlexNet can easily and automatically back up personal files, videos, photos, music and other digital assets. Whether you are backing up just one PC or multiple networked computers, the DriveStation FlexNet offers the ultimate in versatility.
  5. Emprise 5000
    In this Challenging Economy
    you may be struggling to meet growing data storage needs with a budget that is most likely shrinking. It’s time to rethink data storage from the ground up.
  6. BlueArc Data Migrator
    BlueArc Data Migrator allows IT organizations to bring their tiered storage environments to the next level. With automated data movement based on a rich set of predefined rules and policies, administrators can now indicate when data should be moved automatically to a lower, more affordable tier of storage.
  7. Ocarina Optimizer For BlueArc
    Storage growth is exploding – and the capital and operational expenses of buying and managing terabytes or petabytes of storage are becoming an increasing challenge for businesses of all sizes. Most of the data growth is in file data – email, photos, web pages, and office documents – that needs to remain online and accessible, even if those files are accessed infrequently, if ever.
  8. Data Domain Deduplication Storage System
    Conventional disk backup storage systems are more reliable than tape and help backups go faster, but because they don’t reduce data size, they are generally much too expensive to replace the retention of a tape library. So they are usually just a front-end cache to a tape library infrastructure, temporarily alleviating backup window problems. By not reducing data size, they leave data volumes too large to replicate affordably.
  9. TeraStation ™ Duo
    TeraStation Duo is Buffalo’s new entry into the professional line of TeraStation storage devices. It is nearly feature identical to Buffalo’s successful TeraStation III, but houses only two hard drives instead of four. It includes all firmware features presently found in the Buffalo lineup of NAS products.
  10. TeraStation™ III
    Buffalo's TeraStation III Series is the ideal choice for businesses or demanding users looking to implement a RAID based Network Attached Storage solution. As Buffalo’s flagship NAS product the TeraStation III includes all firmware features presently found in the Buffalo lineup of NAS products.
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