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  1. Scaling Managed Services With A Third-Party NOC Partnership

    How MSPs can achieve faster returns on investment, raise overall service quality and reduce development costs.

  2. Give Back Programs Vs. Micro Donations At The POS

    Charitable Partnering in the Payment Industry Done Right! It’s everywhere we look these days, the poster supporting this charitable cause or the other. There are so many programs but they are not all created equal.

  3. Small Sales Can Become Big Losses

    Payment card industry liabilities can be significant and present potential losses for both merchants and resellers. Having been involved with numerous “alleged” breaches I have seen firsthand the anguish and costs to both merchants and resellers. It is these two participants in the payment processing chain that have the least protection under the required agreements among card issuers, banks, payment processors, equipment suppliers, resellers and merchants.

  4. If You Think Data Security Is Taken Seriously, Think Again!

    Big Data is very much a hot topic right now. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by when we’re not being spoken to, about, or at on the subject. With this in mind, I wanted to conduct a swift survey to see how seriously organizations are taking the threat of data breaches in relation to big data.

  5. Advancing Debit Card Program With Instant Issuance

    With this increase in debit card payments, it is important for financial institutions to implement a business model that differentiates them from the competition. Customer retention and satisfaction are top priorities driving all financial institutions to stay “cutting-edge” and continue to advance their portfolio of products and services.

  6. 10 To-Do’s That Should Be On Every MSPs List

    Are you looking to increase profit, improve visibility, and strengthen customer satisfaction – all without breaking the bank?  Datto shows MSPs 10 areas of their business they should evaluate and improve.

  7. Mobile Security: Controlling Growing Threats With Mobile Device Management

    From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices in the workplace are here to stay. While they bring added freedom to employees, they also create an additional security risk for your clients.

  8. Drive Accuracy And Cost Savings With Biometric Identification

    Rapid advances in biometric identification technology will eliminate the need for paper and electronic credentials, to the benefit of corporate time and attendance, workforce management, and security efforts.

  9. Omaha Bank Reduces Costs And Generates New Revenue Streams With OPEX

    This OPEX case study takes a look at First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), an organization that processes a high volume of transactions for its customers and made the decision to invest in technology that could help automate its operations and reduce manual labor costs.

  10. Solving The Challenge Of Connecting With Top-Tier Acquirers And Their Merchant Clients

    In the past, a VAR or ISV in the payments arena faced a multitude of challenges relating to connecting with top-tier acquirers, ISOs, and their merchant clients. A small, newly-formed VAR or ISV does not typically have the resources — time or financial — to search for clients who might be interested in or need their solutions. This has been a common dilemma for years.