Featured Education Content

  1. Education IT News For VARs — October 1, 2014

    In news this week, a look at tech education “in flux,” new technology that takes students on virtual field trips, new analytics that can assess content efficacy, and the pros and cons of Wi-Fi access in schools.

  2. Education IT News For VARs — September 24, 2014

    In news, the Education Records Bureau builds a better iPad exam, and Education Dive examines six solutions to student success and seven challengers to Apple’s iPad.  Schools might also be approaching Ed Tech all wrong, and EdCast is raising money to fund its “multiversities.”

  3. Demand For Lecture Capture Technology Increases

    Learning institutions constantly seek easier and more convenient ways to provide education to their students. Lecture capture solutions provide one way to transport lectures to students outside classroom, mainly in a home setting.

  4. Education IT News For VARs — September 17, 2014

    In news this week, Education Dive presents some lessons learned from MOOCs. The Oculus founder makes a large donation to fund computer science at University of Maryland, while colleges gain free access to Epic Games’ Graphics Engine. And an enlightening infographic looks at how technology has changed higher education.

  5. California Sends Two Student Data Privacy Bills To Governor

    California has taken the lead in student data privacy and sent two bills to Gov. Jerry Brown. SB 1177 lays out privacy guidelines for operators of Internet websites, online services, online applications, and mobile application, while AB 1584 deals with contracts between local educational agencies and third-party technology vendors.

  6. Are Interactive eBooks The Wave Of The Future?

    A recent infographic available on Education Dive  illustrated the results of recent surveys from CampusBooks.com and Uversity regarding preferences when it comes to textbooks, technology, and social media. It indicated that while 44 percent of students are happy with ebooks, 91 percent are still taking notes by hand.

  7. Education IT News For VARs — September 10, 2014

    In Education IT News this week, startups are making an impression on investors, while the lecture capture market is set to grow substantially, MOOCs are growing in popularity, and The EDvantage adds more resources for fall.

  8. Education IT News For VARs — September 3, 2014

    In education news this week, an infographic outlines trends and challenges of online learning.  Also, the USC education dean talks about how university expanded its distance learning program, and a new messaging app is available for teachers, students, and parents.

  9. Education IT News For VARs — August 27, 2014

    In news this week, three universities file suit against the FAA for bans on drones. Also, an insightful infographic examines the preferences for textbooks, technology, and social media.  Meanwhile, analysts say there has been no ed-tech investment bubble yet, as the market continues to grow. And one venture uses science to pair college roommates. Finally, a blog post argues that MOOCs are the wave of the future that will save higher education from its outdated procedures.

  10. Are Your Customers Ready For Secure Archive Migration?

    As organizations, including government and education, undergo infrastructure changes, they need to migrate huge amounts of data.