1. MSP Sales Teams: Not Just From IT Backgrounds Anymore

    The journey of IT companies during the last quarter-century has been an eventful one. At various times, they have been labeled — with varying degrees of accuracy — break-fix mechanics, troubleshooters, network technicians, and, most recently, managed services providers (MSPs).  The latter concept has driven a revolution in the space, along with the rise of cloud-based software services such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Many IT firms have now evolved into shops providing applications for nearly every business need, with a business model based largely on monthly subscriptions. 

  2. How “Software-Defined” Is Redefining The Modern Data Center

    Modern data centers are changing in a rapid, dramatic fashion. No longer implementing singular, enormous, and inflexible designs, today’s data centers are influenced by “software-defined” concepts such as pooling, virtualization, and abstraction. As a result, software-defined solutions are increasingly becoming the norm in IT infrastructure, helping to reduce infrastructure costs, improve resiliency against unplanned service outages and make resources easier to manage and scale.

  3. Hype Or Opportunity? 4 Things Managed Service Providers Need To Consider About The Internet Of Things

    In 2012, Chicago installed solar powered trash collectors in its central business district. Not only do the containers hold more trash because of the compactor, but built-in sensors expedite the process and alert the headquarters when they’re full. This greatly reduces the need for pick-ups, saving both fuel and labor costs. Philadelphia saved $900,000 using these compactors and went from 17 weekly pickups with 33 employees to five weekly pick-ups with nine employees. This scenario is the epitome of the “Internet of Things,” more commonly known as the IoT, where “things” talk to other “things” over the Internet.

  4. Apple Pay™: What It Means To The VAR Community

    Mobile payments, introduced years ago as the next revolution in payments, might finally be here with the launch of Apple Pay™, and it might just have the best chance for adoption yet.

  5. My Dog Doesn’t Understand Me: MSP Sales Isn’t An IT Job

    When you get a new dog, he doesn’t understand anything you say. “Not on the rug, Duke.” “Outside, Duke. Right now!” “ Let’s go for a ride in the car, Duke.”

  6. Keep Shadow IT From Killing Your Clients’ Businesses

    Data sprawl is bad enough. Having users decide on their own to implement IT solutions can kill a business.

  7. 3 Tips For Using Video To Benefit Your Company

    In any industry, all forms of content are important when promoting and marketing your business. Utilizing “free’” space, such as social media platforms, helps your company create a user-friendly portal from which to engage with customers and makes it easier to offer expert advice and support.

  8. Top 10 Ways To Use Help Desk To Build Your MSP Business

    Having a great help desk gives you more than just a way to provide support to your customers. Read our E-book “ Ten ways to use Help Desk to Build your MSP Business” and learn how a Help Desk can help you build your business – everything from making a great first impression to how to spot trends and use that information to your advantage.

  9. The Perfect Prescription: Backup & Recovery In Health Care IT

    Of all the vertical industries of interest to the channel, few hold more broad promise and greater opportunity than health care. Thanks to new targeted products, evolving standards of care and an increase in federal government incentives, the health care IT market is witnessing substantial spending growth.

  10. Help SMBs Overcome Their Data Backup Ignorance

    The fact that you have so many customers who are not currently using your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions and services must mean that they all have their data backup figured out, right? If your target market includes SMBs, that assumption is far from reality.

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