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  1. It’s Time To Re-Invent The QSR Customer Experience

    As an industry segment, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) recognized decades ago the increase in demand to feed people on the go. They understood that busy people who have a need for quality food, prepared quickly, would be a critical segment of the food service market. Improvements in ordering, preparation, and cooking have brought the consumer an expectation that quality meals can be prepared to their specification without waiting.

  2. Small VAR Goes Big-Time With Mobile POS

    Chris Pace helped a pal who owns a coffee shop set up mobile POS. Next thing he knew, he was a POS VAR. Congruity Solutions is now the go-to provider of mobile POS for more than a dozen shops in Phoenix.

  3. The Cloud And The Power Of Change

    Much has been written about the barrier-to-entry power of the cloud, but what about the power of the do-over?

  4. Can VARs Make Money On Mobile POS?

    A VAR extends an existing POS solution with tablet computers, which amounts to a $20,000 project.

  5. Move Past POS Hardwarecentric Sales To Win

    With increased competitive pressure in the POS market, VARs will need to think about sales beyond the all-in-one terminal, such as mobile solutions and integration and management services.

  6. 3 Benefits Of Selling SaaS-Based POS

    eMobilePOS anticipates triple-digit growth on the sale of its SaaS-based POS solutions. Here’s why the company is banking on the cloud.

  7. Three Keys To Digital Signage Success

    Success selling digital signage is predicated on sound strategy, consistent content, and the right technology.

  8. Niche Market, Major Opportunity

    POS resellers are foolish to overlook ethnic grocery stores; their numbers have exploded with Asian/Hispanic population growth, and they’re buying lots of technology.

  9. Quit Selling POS Hardware?

    POS hardware margins got you down? Here’s how one of the nation’s leading integrators maintains growth by pitching solutions, not systems.

  10. Retail IT VARs: Stop Writing Your Business Eulogy

    “Business as usual” is a sure way to destroy your business in 2013. Independent retailers’ 2013 tech spending plans are mobile, multichannel, and growing.

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